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About Us

In December of 1954, Bernie and Rosalind Rudnick purchased a small package store on the corner of Sunset Drive and Galloway Road in what was then called unincorporated Dade County. The site they purchased had a gasoline station, a sandwich shop, a small liquor store and a bar with a sawdust floor. In front of the shop were hitching posts where farmers would tie up their horses and come to a walk up window to purchase a half pint of whiskey. All around the shop was acre after acre of farming land.


Ten years later, in 1964, the Rudnicks made their first significant improvements to the property, significantly expanding the property to include the Hex Bar and Lounge and South Florida’s first self service package store. It was around this time that a client came into the shop and asked Bernie to order him a case Chateau Haut Brion. Not knowing anything about wine, he looked for the name in an ordering book of alcoholic beverages available in South Florida. Finding the wine, he ordered it. When the client came into the shop to pick up his wine, he pointed out to Bernie that he had gotten the wrong wine. Rather than Haut Brion, Bernie had purchased La Mission Haut Brion. Realizing his error, Bernie decided to learn about wine and hire a wine expert. And thus, Sunset Corners went into the wine business.


In 1985, Sunset Corners closed the Hex Bar and Lounge and doubled the size of the shop, then adding the cheese department.


Bernie and Ros Rudnick passed away leaving their legacy, Sunset Corners in the hands of their grandsons, Larry Solomon and Michael Bittel.

Sunset Corners has been recognized by the Miami New Times as the "Best Liquor Store in Miami and by Marketwatch Magazine as Retailer of the Year.

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